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The Small Knight in Shining Armour

Meet Maya*, an 11 years old Muslim sister. We met her at last years Twins of Faith conference in Sydney, where she was attending with friends and approached one of our volunteers, right after our National Manager, Abu Muneer’s talk, on the work that NZF does locally in Australia. Her first question was –  “The speaker said […]


Black and blue

What would you do if the one you trust and love the most, turns his back on you? Farhana* had been married for a few years when she sadly began to realise that the love she once shared with her husband had turned into sessions of curses followed by beatings from him. Her once protective […]


Couch Surfing – Sounds like fun?

Couch surfing. The term means different things to different people. For 5 year old Christina it meant looking for a different place to live every second day. Since she was 5, Christina was no stranger to being in and out of refuges, foster care, living on the streets, begging for a place to sleep, abusing […]


Is life really better here? – Rabia’s story

Rabia looks around her. The clean air, the birds chirping, the absence of gun-fire. Alhamdulillah she had made it to Australia along with her husband and 4 kids. They had made it out of Syria to the land of promises – Australia. But it wasn’t easy. Abdullah is now disabled, in bed and needs medical […]


Life’s ups & downs – Ahmed’s story

Life is going well. You have a senior executive position at one of Australia’s leading organisations. 6 figure salary, 5 kids, you don’t have much to complain about. You look back 20 years ago and it sends shivers down your spine. Alcohol, drugs, a broken marriage, off the path of Islam … your life was […]


Amina is re-united with believed-to-be-dead mother after 45 years!

This is a real story, here in Australia that will truly make you reflect on the Qadr set out for us by Allah. Meet Amina – married & a mother of 4, living her life in Syria with her family. The area she was living in was bombed with her house among those that were […]


In adversity is strength – Ayesha’s story

When Ayesha applied for assistance with NZF, her profile was one we sadly see quite often. A revert, subject to domestic violence and now a divorcee and left to fend for herself often with no employment, housing or friends. But Ayesha was different. She had a plan, a clear goal of where she wanted to […]


Sister Samira makes dua for all of you

“May Allah reward you for this. From my whole family thank you.” A simple dua. Made by one of the sisters we assisted here in Australia, someone who was wronged. Why is that a big deal to us and why should it be a big deal to you? The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Said “There are […]


That sister you saw on the train! She could be Amina ..

This is the story of Amina. Just another sister, here in Australia. Amina looked at her daughter, cheerful, playing with a little toy on the floor. She gazed out the window. Clear blue skies. Fresh clean air. Alhamdulillah. They had made it to Australia and were now free. She shuddered thinking about the past couple […]


Sister Iman – Domestic Violence & Struggling Refugee

Sister Iman had been in a abusive relationship with her husband who also had a drug problem. For her own welfare and that of her children, Iman came to Australia to seek asylum. As Iman and her children were in Australia as asylum seekers they did not have a recognized legal right to receive assistance […]


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