Life’s ups & downs – Ahmed’s story

Life is going well.

You have a senior executive position at one of Australia’s leading organisations. 6 figure salary, 5 kids, you don’t have much to complain about.
You look back 20 years ago and it sends shivers down your spine. Alcohol, drugs, a broken marriage, off the path of Islam … your life was not always this good. You recollect the days you spent in rehab when the doctor told you that you only had a short life left; when you had time to reflect; the spark that started your journey back to Islam.

Things started improving when you dropped the drugs, the alcohol and started praying. You had the occasional break down every now and then but you picked up a career, got yourself a job, got married to Amaal and together you had 5 beautiful kids.

And then the discrimination started at work; the bullying; the harassment.

You couldn’t take it any longer. You quit. Things started getting rocky with you and Amaal. She divorces you. She takes the kids. You get desperate. You run out of money. You are in debt.
All of a sudden you’re all alone. No job. No family. No money. In your little dark place.

This could be your story!

Ahmed was lucky that Allah showed him NZF. We are currently assisting Ahmed in setting up his own business utilizing skills he already has so he can sustain himself in the long term and turn his life around.

Help Ahmed. Support NZF. Using your Zakat to help those in need locally.

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