The Small Knight in Shining Armour

Meet Maya*, an 11 years old Muslim sister. We met her at last years Twins of Faith conference in Sydney, where she was attending with friends and approached one of our volunteers, right after our National Manager, Abu Muneer’s talk, on the work that NZF does locally in Australia.

Her first question was –  “The speaker said you help Muslims in financial difficulty, can you help me, then?”

We assured her that we could and casually asked her where her parents were.

Looking down, she said, “I don’t think they will want to meet you. They wouldn’t be happy to ask for help”.
It’s only then that it dawned on us that this little girl was not asking out of curiosity but was asking for help for her own parents and not of a friend or some other. Subhan Allah.

When we spoke to her further, she mentioned that her father had recently lost his job so things were tough now. However, her parents were always hardworking and are the type of people who pay Zakat and not ask for it.

Her parents had tried everything in their means to provide for the family, but now it had reached a point where they could not even afford buy basic items. Upset Maya told us that she and her siblings had no food to eat that day.

We connected her to one of our case workers immediately and got her some lunch. The caseworker developed a good rapport with Maya, who by the end of their time together passed on her contact details for her parents, and informed us that she would speak to her mother and try to convince her to ask for help.

Alhamdulillah. Allah softened her mother’s heart to come to our Zakat centre and meet up with us a few days later. She said, if it was not because her daughter, she would never have had the courage to come and ask for help.

We are now assisting the family with temporary financial relief while they focus on getting their life back together. Insha Allah they will be back on track soon and we are glad we were in a position to help such a hard working family. This is just one of thousands of cases here in Australia that your Zakat has assisted.

*Names and identities have been altered to protect privacy.