That sister you saw on the train! She could be Amina ..

This is the story of Amina. Just another sister, here in Australia.

Amina looked at her daughter, cheerful, playing with a little toy on the floor. She gazed out the window. Clear blue skies. Fresh clean air. Alhamdulillah. They had made it to Australia and were now free. She shuddered thinking about the past couple of years, the tears beginning to well up. Her husband murdered. She being tortured by the Burmese government. Destruction all around her. Her family killed. There were days when she would have rather died than put up with what the oppressive regime was putting her and her family through.

But Allah had better plans for Amina. She sought asylum in Australia with her young daughter. The process through detention, while inhumane by many standards, made Amina stronger and more humble and if anything, brought her closer to Allah. Her refugee claim was subsequently approved and she was finally released into the community here in Australia.

She should be celebrating. She smiled to herself. It seemed the worst was over, in spite of just being notified that she would be homeless within days because she now has work rights and is expected to find a job and accommodation for herself and her daughter! She was grateful. But she had no idea how she was going to find a job. She felt the stigma of being a refugee, and was not sure if people would want to talk to her. Australia was certainly a strange place, but in it’s strangeness Amina found NZF. She found hope.

Within days, NZF identified a community where she would be comfortable and is now assisting with finding her permanent accommodation. We are also providing food vouchers and parcels so she can look after herself and her daughter during Ramadan. We also helping them out with material goods in the winter and providing the much needed emotional support they need Alhamdulillah!

Helping our brothers and sisters such as Amina is not an option. It is our collective obligation. Support us at