Sister Iman – Domestic Violence & Struggling Refugee

Sister Iman had been in a abusive relationship with her husband who also had a drug problem. For her own welfare and that of her children, Iman came to Australia to seek asylum.

As Iman and her children were in Australia as asylum seekers they did not have a recognized legal right to receive assistance from the government or to work. An asylum seeker advocacy group had provided the family with a small income and weekly food parcels, however this wasn’t enough to sustain the needs of a family. Iman had practically been forced to resort to beg for food.

Due to her limited income sister Iman had no choice but to move into a share house, which is not the best environment to raise children in because of the high level of exposure to alcohol, drugs and smoking.

Not only was Sister Iman struggling to maintain the basic necessities her family required but she also had the burden of the children’s schooling in particular with the purchasing of books and uniforms.

The families application for asylum to Australia was eventually rejected despite putting in numerous appeals with a lawyer. She was formally asked to leave Australia. Because of this the little financial support she was receiving from the asylum seeker advocacy group was cancelled. This is when sister Iman contacted the National Zakat Foundation for assistance.

How NZF helped Sister Iman:

The National Zakat Foundation was able to provide immediate emergency relief for sister Iman and her family. NZF aimed to make their last few months in Australia as stress free as possible. The family was given food and school supplies. In particular NZF was able to help the client sort out her bills and remaining few weeks of rent.

Without the assistance that NZF was able to provide through the Australian publics Zakat donations the family were most likely going to starve- with having no money to even buy basic items, the children would have not been able to attend school during this period and sister Iman would have accumulated debt because of not having any source of income to pay her bills and rent.

Unfortunately it was not ideal for sister Iman and her children to return to their home country however she has accepted that this inshallah was best option for her and her children. Sister Iman has expressed immense gratitude for the assistance NZF was able to provide in her final months in Australia.