A life of ups & downs – Susan’s story

Susan had a difficult life. A single mother of three near-adult daughters, including one who has a disability, Susan was constantly under stress day & night. At 43 years old she started developing arthritis which began to slow her down even further.

Did that stop Susan from living life? No.

In fact, Susan found the meaning in her life in Islam. She became Muslim and then went on to do a lot for the Muslim community. She was an active member of various teams who were assisting Syrian refugees when they came to Australia. After a whole year of being Muslim and facing many difficult encounters, unfortunately Susan started retreating from the community. With the difficulties of looking after her daughters, her own arthritis & age, her ties to Islam started to loosen. With no close Muslim friends, and her daughters in the house not being Muslim she was really struggling with her Imaan.

Why did Susan come to NZF?

Susan has been planning to have a surgery to treat her arthritis for a few months now. However being the sole carer for her daughters and the high costs of caring for a disabled child, Susan hasn’t been able to save enough money to cover all expenses for her surgery. However, when Susan met us, our conversation revolved more around strengthening her Imaan, which she was really concerned about and how she could become a strong Muslim. Her intentions for financial assistance were sincere, she had reduced all her expenses to a bare minimum and was clearly doing her utmost best given her circumstances. She passed all our assessments and we had the full intention to assist Susan not only financially but to become a stronger Muslim, insha Allah!

How is NZF helping Susan?

Susan will be having her surgery in a few months insha Allah and we have committed to assist her long term, month on month, to cover any living costs that she is unable to cover.

The important thing to understand here is not the financial assistance, but rather, how through your Zakat, we can hope to strengthen a sisters weak Imaan, right here in Australia. And this is the real purpose of Zakat, to strengthen our community in becoming a more pious one.

Alhamdulillah, through your support, we are one step closer to establishing a strong, pious, self-sufficient & sustainable local community.