Is life really better here? – Rabia’s story

Rabia looks around her. The clean air, the birds chirping, the absence of gun-fire. Alhamdulillah she had made it to Australia along with her husband and 4 kids. They had made it out of Syria to the land of promises – Australia.

But it wasn’t easy. Abdullah is now disabled, in bed and needs medical attention. Everything here is very expensive. They said the government would pay for everything, but they barely covered the rent for her 1 bedroom apartment.

Rabia looks at Abdullah again. He seems peacefully asleep. A feeling of despair comes over her. Where is she going to find the funds to help Abdullah get the medical attention he needs?

How is she going to single-handedly look after her 4 kids in a new country?

She doesn’t even speak English. She thinks they might have been better off in Syria, but then she remembers how her family was tortured. The trauma. Surely, this is a better place for her family.

It’s up to Rabia to make this work. Rabia will rise up and face the challenge insha Allah.

NZF is now assisting Rabia with regular payments to alleviate the financial stress the family is going through, while at the same time assisting Rabia with culturally appropriate counselling and helping her get her kids into school.

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