In adversity is strength – Ayesha’s story

When Ayesha applied for assistance with NZF, her profile was one we sadly see quite often.

A revert, subject to domestic violence and now a divorcee and left to fend for herself often with no employment, housing or friends.

But Ayesha was different. She had a plan, a clear goal of where she wanted to be, and how she wanted NZF to help.

Ayesha inspired us.

Despite having accommodation woes (she was living in a house that is not even built properly), being unable to pay the nominal rent of $700 a month at times, being asked to vacate by the landlord twice and still on a waiting list for housing commission accommodation, Ayesha was not going to sit around doing nothing & being depressed. She wanted to study. She wanted to work. And that’s exactly what she did.

She requested NZF to assist with some of her debt and her rent so she wouldn’t need to worry about it and instead focussed her attention on studying and finding a casual job.

With NZF supporting her, Ayesha has now finished studying and she is off Centrelink with a permanent job.

This is how through NZF YOU help turn lives around.

Feedback from Ayesha

“This is Ayesha. Last time NZF paid for my rent. Alhmadulillah. I (now) have a part time permanent job, I’ve finished school and I am off Centrelink! Jzkh for the support. I really appreciate it!!”