Tackling the seemingly impossible – Saadia’s story

Saadia’s husband had a sudden fatal heart attack recently and passed away at the young age of 44. Leaving her with 6 children and no income. She had no money for her husband’s funeral, had a home loan to pay and 6 children to look after Allahu Akbar.

Taking into account her centrelink benefits, and casual income earned by her oldest daughter who is in uni and works casually, they were still short of approximately $500 per month.

Where was she going to get the money for her husband’s funeral?

To add to that, she was also undergoing treatment for depression to the the death of her 4 year old son in a car accident.

So what did we do to help?

Firstly we assisted with settling the expenses incurred for her husband’s funeral Alhamdulillah. Next we have had professional financial planners work with her to provide advice on the best course of action given her large family & her home loan situation. The fact that it is a riba based loan, but at the same time with a large family would it be the wisest decision to sell?

Our focus at the moment is to get her finances in control so her children can get back to their lives and then insha Allah we will work with her on how she can set her & family up to be self sustainable insha Allah.

This is how your Zakat is being used at a time of need by our sister right here in Australia. To help a single mother, who suddenly lost her husband, leaving her in depression, with 6 kids, medical issues and a loan to pay off. May Allah give our sister strength and through your Zakat, make it a means to empower her. Ameen.