An Imam, stranded and wanting to go back home

An Imam, married and a father of 4, Ahmed only had one dream – to provide a better life for his kids.

Ahmed was prepared to do whatever it takes to be able to give his family a safe, stable life with a promising future. Leaving his job as an Imam in his home country, he moved to Australia this year and started doing cleaning jobs to earn some money. He also started working in restaurants. However, due to a breach in visa condition the government cancelled his work rights all of a sudden. He also lost his last job with the owner still owing him money.

He found a small room that a shop owner was happy to let him stay in without rent. He has approached a small mosque here in Sydney for a job as an Imam however due to his visa status, they are unwilling to hire him. He now has no income with his latest visa application being rejected.

Ahmed is ashamed he is now in a new country, with no working rights & no income and entirely dependent on Zakat & the generosity of the Muslim community. Tired of begging people for a job, Ahmed now only wants to take his family back home and perhaps try to get a valid visa and return again.

We helped Ahmed & his family with food vouchers. We paid for air tickets for the entire family and assisted them in getting back home. May Allah make it easy for Ahmed and his family, and insha Allah he will be back under better conditions bi ithnillah.

This is how your Zakat is helping those in need, in Australia.