Breaking the cycle – Aabir’s story

Aabir was coming out of prison in a few days. He has been in prison for nearly 2 years this time and his family had had enough.

Aabir belonged to a pious family, who are part of the local Muslim community and Qadr Allah he was influenced by the wrong type of friends to get into drugs and other bad habits. Soon he was indulging in a life of crime, was in an out of prison and his life was beginning to fall apart. This was not the first time he was in prison for drugs, but it was the longest and his family decided they had to take matters into their own hands.

Decided he had to be moved from his immediate community to effectively get out of his habits, the family & the community made a decision to send him to a different state to be looked after by his family & friends there for a at least 1 year. This now meant they had to organise a place for him to stay, set up a safe place and most importantly the funds for him to sustain himself so money is not an issue. This is key as if Aabir feels there is a lack of money, he would very easily slip back into his life of drugs. But these were funds that the family did not have.

When we came to know about this case, we had to examine it carefully. This was a young Muslim brother with a very strong & supportive family who showed promising signs of recovering from his bad habits and becoming a strong Muslim. While Aabir is in prison, we have been assisting the family in organising an accommodation for Aabir, helping them with the funds needed to organise for Aabir to leave his home city for a short period to break the cycle.

The family is now ready to receive Aabir when he comes out of prison in a couple of weeks insha Allah. We pray that Allah guides Aabir, grants patience to his family and blesses them all with His Mercy. Ameen.

This is what Zakat is all about. Not just alleviating poverty, but utilising Zakat to make people stronger Muslims, one step at a time, so we as a community can become stronger insha Allah. This is how, through your support, we are one step closer to establishing a strong, pious, self-sufficient & sustainable local community.