Amina is re-united with believed-to-be-dead mother after 45 years!

This is a real story, here in Australia that will truly make you reflect on the Qadr set out for us by Allah.

Meet Amina – married & a mother of 4, living her life in Syria with her family. The area she was living in was bombed with her house among those that were destroyed to rubbles. As many Syrian families now do, they go through the rubble to gather important documents and possessions they may need if they decide to escape the persecution. After this latest attack, Amina and her family had decided to seek refuge in any country that may accept them. With this in mind, they started digging up all their possessions.

They found two things that would change their lives forever

  • An Australian birth certificate (for Amina).
  • Her deceased father’s Australian passport with her details included.

Amina had no idea she was born in Australia. As far as she could remember, her mother had died when she was young, and she was an only child brought up by her single father in Syria. What she just found changed everything. Her friends advised her to get in touch with the Australian embassy who confirmed she was an Australian citizen, and were able to organise for the required paperwork for herself and her children to fly to Australia. Amina’s dream journey had begun.

But it didn’t stop there.

Allah just took away the pain of choosing a country to move to, but Amina still had no idea what to do. She got in touch with Syrian associations in Australia who in turn got in touch with the National Zakat Foundation who were happy to assist in receiving Amina and 3 of her kids and helping them settle down. It is what we do after all!

Our processes were followed and Amina was assigned an NZF caseworker who made appropriate accommodation arrangements and went to receive Amina at the airport. It was pretty routine – Amina was overwhelmed by how easy Allah made it for her to leave Syria and was provided with the immediate support she needed in Australia and she couldn’t have asked for anything more.

But it still didn’t stop there.

As our case worker was making conversation with Amina, asking about her family etc. the topic of Amina’s mother came up. Our case worker was interested in attempting to find out if there were members of her mother’s family here in Australia that would perhaps be able to assist Amina and with the details on Amina’s birth certificate she set about to call a few people & organisations to make some enquiries.
She couldn’t have expected what she found.

Not only did she manage to trace Amina’s mother – but she found that she was in fact not dead and very much alive!

Her mum refused to believe her daughter was alive and here in Australia (and in fact in the same city!) and wanted to meet her straight away! The emotions that followed were a roller coaster. They didn’t speak the same language but the tears and their expressions spoke for each other. Pieces of the story were put together and Amina found out that her father had taken her and moved to Syria shortly after her birth in Australia 45 years ago. That was the last her mother had seen or heard of her. Amina’s father wanted his wife to come with him to Syria, but she had refused and hence he told Amina that her mother had died. Amina’s mother had never forgotten her daughter and in fact had a photo of hers up on the wall to this day! (See below)

At NZF, we are truly humbled by the journey that Allah takes us in helping those who are needy right here in our backyard. We pray that we are able to continue to assist Amina and her family to settle down in Australia and that her husband is re-united with her as soon as possible (He is currently still in Syrian as he is not Australian but is undergoing the required paperwork and will be here soon inshaAllah). NZF have assisted with getting Amina’s kids enrolled in schools, getting her set up through Centrelink, Medicare and other required systems in Australia and by the Will of Allah will also assist with identifying ways in which she can work and earn for her family!

While there are many difficult and unfortunate cases we are involved in, Allah shows us the silver lining every now and then through cases such as Amina’s!