In 26 days of Ramadan 2017

You’ve finished your Taraweeh prayers and are enjoying a quiet moment at home. You hear the door bell ring. You wonder who it could be at this time of the night.

It’s Saadia, the lovely woman from down the street. “She must be here to give us some food, she’s always so nice.”, you think to yourself. You feel bad you haven’t found the time to visit her & her husband this Ramadan.
You open the door to greet her and what you see takes you by surprise. Saadia is in tears. Her husband had a sudden heart attack this morning and had passed away. But she’s not here to tell you about her husband. “His funeral costs $7,000” she says. “I am here to collect my Zakat from you. This is my right, as your neighbour, so can you please give me your Zakat?”, she pleads. And Saadia is correct. Your Zakat is her right, right here in Australia.

Ahlam, in Brisbane also needs urgent assistance. She has two daughters, 14 and 12. A victim of severe domestic violence and death threats from her partner, she had to borrow money from her friends to look after herself and her kids. Being forced to flee her husband to protect her family & now living at a safe house, she turns to you, a Muslim in the local community for assistance- to find a safe place for her to live with her girls & get her life back in order. Your Zakat is her right, right here in Australia.

Yusuf falls down for what seems like the 100th time today as he tries to get on his scooter. His wife assists him to get back up with difficulty. Yusuf is a young revert in his early thirties in Adelaide. Yusuf is disabled. They had just got back from the hospital where he had been admitted due to a serious fall just yesterday. Yusuf needs a recliner chair that will help him move around in a standing position more securely. Having applied for various grants, they have all been rejected leaving Yusuf mainly bed ridden. His only means of movement is a battery scooter but he has severely injured himself falling multiple times while getting in and out of the scooter. Yusuf needs assistance to buy the recliner chair so he can ease the burden on his wife and improve their quality of life together. Your Zakat is his right, right here in Australia. 
Saadia, Ahlam & Yusuf are just 3 of 160 people that have reached out to us during this Ramadan for assistance. 160 people in just 26 days, right here in Australia.
Imams from all four madhabs & majority of the scholars (if not all) are of the clear opinion that if there is a local need in the community, then they take priority to receive Zakat owed by the local community or in other words, your Zakat.

Find out more about the opinions on local Zakat here.

Your Zakat is their right. Don’t withhold it from them.

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